b + a, may, 28'

Where to begin... These two are not your average folk. They're strong climbers, great cooks, epic dancers and accomplished professionals in their fields. But most importantly, they're my best friends. I've known Bianca for years and I can't tell you how special it's been to watch her fall in love with Adam. I never thought an individual could adore her as much as I do, but Adam has proven me very wrong. These two may be good at many things, but they're best at being lovers. I've wanted to take their portraits for years and last weekend it was my lucky day. We were spending the weekend at Adam's family farm. Marching through the grass, wearing his parent's jackets to ward off all the mosquitos, these two let me capture them as I see them. Like a sucker punch to the gut, this is definitely the most powerful session I've ever shot. Here's to us growing old together.