Bad Poetry



Why? Because I have to.

Why the name 50 Ft Queenie? I've had this pseudonym for my writing since I was 13. Back then I felt small and writing somehow made me feel bigger. (It's also a reference to a PJ Harvey song I love. She's rad, you should check her out:

What is Bad Poetry? After travelling around the US & Europe, I returned to Australia in 2011 to study a BA of Writing at RMIT University. I felt I had a build up of weird experiences that I couldn't explain and needed to get down on paper. I became more interested in the vague feelings of the in-between moments of life rather than the drama of the main plot.

Ironically after studying writing for a few years I noticed that the more polished my non-fiction and poetry became the less people connected to my stories. Not everyone cares to have a dictionary by their side, looking for meaning. Could we not all agree, why say something in a complicated way, if we can just say it how it is?

After a two year hiatus, following my move to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, I finally started to write again. When a friend commented on my bad grammar, I replied, "It's just some bad poetry, man" and my bad poetry series was born.

Bad Poetry is a collection of my thoughts and experiences on paper. Some are crap and some are a little less crap. Some I share and some I chuck out.

Here you can purchase original, hand typed poetry that I've written on my typewriter. All poems are made to order and are framed, signed and plastic-sealed before shipping. (You do not receive the poem that is in the photograph as it is the original of my personal collection; your poem will be hand typed and centered on quality card paper.)

How to purchase: Once you have chosen a poem go to the 'Contact' tab on this website and let me know the number of the poem you would like as well as your address for shipping.

How much do they cost? Each poem is $20 with shipping within Canada included. (Can meet up with locals in Canmore, AB).

Payment: I am currently accepting E-Transfers, PayPal & cash only.

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