Georgi Silckerodt

Georgi Silckerodt / Photographer + Part Time Poet

A lifestyle and documentary photographer chasing the in-between moments and telling it as it is. Born in Australia, raised by Germans and currently living in Canada. I grew up in a ghost town in rural Australia with only gum trees and my dogs to keep me company. (Dogs are the best.) I'm the daughter of two German punks; a leather seamstress and an erotic oil painter. 

The way I work is that I'm either utterly obsessed or completely indifferent. I've been passionate about the art of storytelling and observation since childhood. I think people are so extraordinary and I'm very interested in how we all live our lives; separately yet so similarly. 

 I have a BA of Writing at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, although I didn't graduate the final year following the death of my dad in 2012. Later that year I fell in love with a Canadian over a telephone before finally meeting in person 6 months later. 

I now reside in the Rocky Mountain with my favourite hooligan and muse, Mikey and my 20 year old rescue cat, Ghost. I spend my time rock climbing, reading and listening to rock & roll. Please contact me if you wish to share or publish any of my work.

Big love,